4 Oct 2021 By May Ng

Chain Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot in Festival Walk

Presenting all-new elevated spice levels for signature Yi Shou Mala Spicy Soup,

Hong Kong’s exclusive Liu’s Trio Beef Platter, a fresh live seafood selection, and lucky grand opening surprises

For two decades, renowned Chinese hot pot chain, Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot, has won food lovers over with its fragrant soup bases, fresh ingredients and stellar customer service, earning recognition and numerous accolades around the world.

Celebrated Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot now arrives in Hong Kong under Asia’s leading restaurant group, Gaia Group, simultaneously marking both the Group’s and the hot pot brand’s 20th anniversary.

Located at the prestigious Festival Walk shopping mall in Kowloon Tong, Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot offers its signature spicy Ma La soup base, bringing a taste of Chong Qing to Kowloon, as well as sumptuous one-person noodle pot sets that are exclusive to the Hong Kong restaurant. Delightful add-ons to the menu include premium imported sashimi platters, enticing drinks and desserts, as well as Chong Qing signature small bites  that will entice any food lover.

Contemporary Decor Inspired by Iconic Chong Qing Architecture

The all-new restaurant is the 1,265th Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot location globally and the first direct-operating outlet under the headquarters in Hong Kong. The restaurant’s contemporary design takes inspiration from Chong Qing’s historical riverside street — Hongyadong. Steeped in over 2,000 years of history, Hongyadong was once a thriving hub for local ethnic minority groups who resided in the street’s iconic wooden stilt houses. Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot wooden design elements pay homage to the city’s notable architecture whilst auspicious red tones enhance the décor’s decadence. Other thoughtfully placed aspects of Chinese culture, such as traditional opera facemasks, add vibrancy and color to the welcoming atmosphere.

In addition, the restaurant also offers an alfresco-style seating area where diners can order individual pots of noodles and Yuchuan-style sashimi rice — the perfect option to dine alone or with friends.

Fragrant Signature Mala Soup Base with Exclusive Elevated Recipe

A soup base is often referred to as the soul of a hot pot meal. Keeping this in mind, Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot is now offering a new and improved recipe for the Signature Liu’s Mala Spicy Soup (HK$168/full pot; HK$98/half pot). The soup is made with the most authentic and exotic  ingredients including clarified beef tallow, spicy fermented bean paste, salted black bean, peppers and local Chong Qing chillies and is infused with over a dozen Chinese herbs and spices. The mala soup base can be tailored to varying spice levels, making it suitable for diners regardless of their taste preferences.

The new restaurant also offers a variety of other soup bases including the Fragrant Coconut Chicken Soup (HK$228/full pot; HK$118/half pot), Healthy Nourishing Fish Maw Sea Conch Soup (HK$238/full pot; HK$128/half pot), Assorted Wild Mushroom Soup(HK$158/full pot; HK$88/half pot), Century Egg and Fresh Coriander Soup (HK$138/full pot; HK$78/half pot), Soy Milk Beauty Pot (HK$158/full pot; HK$88/half pot) and Satay Soup (HK$138/full pot; HK$78/half pot). Diners coming in a group may enjoy the Trio Pot which enables guests to choose up to three different types of soup base for a more varied and decadent meal.

As for signature dishes, diners will not want to miss the Liu’s Trio Beef Platter (HK$638). Exclusive to the Hong Kong restaurant, the platter consists of Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Chuck Rib, USA Prime Short Rib and Kagoshima Pork Belly. Its anti-gravity presentation, with every slice of meat plated vertically on a big round wooden plate, makes this visually captivating platter both a treat for the camera and the taste buds. The Mala Beef (HK$198), another must-try, is marinated in a house-made mala spicy seasoning to give it an irresistible kick of spiciness and flavor. The Signature Intestines Platter (HK$158) is another recommended dish, consisting of Liu’s signature Chong Qing imported beef tripe, goose intestine, duck’s blood as well as pig’s kidney and liver. Diners can enjoy the exotic beef tripe delicacy by submerging them in soup for eight to ten seconds, for a springy texture while allowing the essence of the soup to be fully absorbed. The kitchen is also equipped with three  fresh seafood tanks, for a bountiful supply of fresh live seafood, such as Australian lobsters, geoduck, or shellfish that are served fresh daily.

Brand New Hot Pot Lunch Set for Hot Pot Lovers

The new restaurant’s lunchtime offering is another highlight. Lunch is served both inside the restaurant and in the open-air area, with both spaces offering different concepts. Diners who choose to enjoy their lunch inside can opt for the Sashimi Don & Hot Pot Set Lunch (HK$228 and up), which includes a mini sashimi don, chilled snacks, meat, vegetable platter, one nourishing and the featured hot pot. For the hot pot soup base, diners can opt for the signature mala soup (add HK$48), wild mushroom soup, century egg and coriander soup or the duo pot, which includes a choice of two soup bases (for two people and up). Diners may also add different individual ingredients per their preferences. For those who prefer to enjoy their lunch in the open-air area, they can order the Chong Qing Individual Noodle Pot (HK$98 and up). With a choice of soup base and noodle type, as well as mini don, chilled snacks and salad, the options are endless. The lunch special, Sashimi Rice Bowl Set Lunch (HK$168 up), features Japanese imported sashimi infused with Yuchuan-style flavors. The set also comes with a choice of hot mini udon or Chong Qing spicy noodles. Diners can also opt for the signature the Deep Fried Chong Qing Style Crispy Pork (HK$68), an authentic Chong Qing snack that is delicately fried and seasoned with distinctive Chong Qing spices, as a drink pairing snack and the Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cake (HK$68), which gives a addictive combination of crispy and chewy mouthfeel, to balance off the spiciness from the mala hot pot.

Cool Down with Shaved Ice and Other Drinks

Having a cold drink in hand is a must when enjoying mala spicy hot pot. Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot offers five categories of drinks: Liu’s Nourishing Herbal Tea Series, Fresh Fruit Soda Series, Fresh Fruit Tea Series, Bubble Tea Series, Fresh Juice Series and the giant one-liter frozen draft beer. Don’t miss out on the freshly made Lychee Jasmine Tea with Ice Jelly (HK$48/small; HK$82/large), Kyoho Roselle Soda with Ice Jelly (HK$42/small; HK$78/large) and the all-time-favorite Liu’s Classic Milk Tea with Pearls (HK$42/small; HK$78/large). Cool and refreshing, the drinks are the perfect companion to our spicy hot pot. Not to be missed is the Shaved Ice Series, including the Assorted Sweet Beans and Taro Shaved Ice with Soy Pudding (HK$78), Butterfly Pea Osmanthus Ice Jelly (HK$68) and Mango Shaved Ice with Soy Pudding (HK$88).

Liu’s Chong Qing Hot Pot
Address: Units UG-37 & 38, Level UG, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30am – 11pm (Last Order is 10.30pm)
Telephone: (852) 2628 9891
Website: www.gaiagroup.com.hk/restaurant/liu-yi-shou-hot-pot
Social: liuyishouhotpot.hk