« Le Paris Russe de CHANEL » High Jewelry Dinner

Patrice Leguéreau, director of the Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, presents the new collection LE PARIS RUSSE DE CHANEL.

Tribute to the different Russian inspirations that nourished the creation and imagination of Gabrielle Chanel, the 69 pieces are created as memories or dreams of this country she never visited.

Like a stage set, the space invites guests to discover a flamboyant and dreamt Russia : the mirror from Gabrielle Chanel’s appartment, entryway of this journey, the birch tree forest in the night,

the winter palace that closes for summer, the whirlwind of Ballets Russes, Gabrielle Chanel’s souvenir box and finally, the datcha in the wheat fields.

Here are some celebrities attended the dinner and wore CHANEL: