CHANEL Beauty News: Le Blanc Skincare & Makeup


With a complete LE BLANC skincare and makeup ritual, CHANEL has taken a more holistic approach healthy whitening that reinforces its vision of beauty: Achieve radiant skin with a rosy glow that plays perfectly with the light.

In 2021, CHANEL unveils the new generation of LE BLANC SÉRUM upgraded with a triple-efficacy formula that intensively brightens, soothes and evens skin tone.

Two CHANEL exclusive active ingredients, TXC™ complex and Gardenia Fruit Extract, have incorporated to improve both skin tone and texture with equal effectiveness, revealing an even, firm and luminous skin.

TXC™ is a highly effective molecule that regulates pigmentation and stimulates the production of proteins to build the skin barrier. Combined with allantoin and vitamin E, it also intensively reduces dark spots and soothes the skin.
Harvested on Yakushima Island in Japan, an exceptionally lush island and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gardenia Fruit extract is a powerful moisture-boosting source that stimulates amino acid metabolism, which boosts nutrition and energy within the cells.

Like tweed or the little black dress, long pearl necklaces are part of the stylistic vocabulary of CHANEL.

The new and limited PERLES ET ÉCLATS DE CHANEL makeup collection recreates the luminous luster of pearls Gabrielle Chanel wore to illuminate her face.

  1. Boosts up your flawless complexion with the best-selling LE BLANC MAKEUP BASE and BRIGHTENING GENTLE TOUCH FOUNDATION
  2. Sweep over the cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin with the exclusive creation PERLES DE LUMIÈRE – a highlighting blush embossed with a double C and pearls to add soft pearly luminosity to the features that catch the light.
  3. Layer with BAUME ESSENTIEL for a hint of pearlescent or rosy shine over highlighter for a high-shine, pearly finish. This hydrating balm can also be used by itself on the lips and eyelids.
  4. Complete the look with the new LES 4 OMBRES #374 eyeshadow palette, which combined four harmonious shades of white and pink, as well as a deep aubergine characteristic of Tahitian pearls.
  5. Add a final touch of delicate, rosy color on the lips and nails for a bespoke finish.

LE BLANC has achieved major success over the past 10 years and continuously demonstrate its ability to innovate skincare products for women who want even, smooth, clear skin that radiates with a beautiful, rosy glow.

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