CHANEL New Comete Fine Jewellery collection

Mademoiselle Chanel could recognize a powerful and mysterious aesthetic power in certain forms. The Star and Comet were always her preferred sources of inspiration enhancing women’s beauty with their celestial dust.
“Why look any further? said Mademoiselle Chanel. “Obviously, the constellations I have spread over the hair, the comets that lie on the shoulders trailing a shower of stars, the crescent moons and even the suns I’ve had produced by the best craftsmen of Paris (…) – my stars – this is all very
romantic! Could anything be found more becoming and modern?”*
For their incomparable sparkle, Gabrielle Chanel chose the Comet and Star as essential themes of his first collection, Bijoux de Diamants, presented in Paris, in 1932. “I wanted to cover women with constellations. Stars! Stars of all sizes …” she said.
Perhaps she did not realize it, but from her childhood the Stars and the Moon were already deep within her. She never spoke to anyone about this time, except to reinvent it at will and
embellish it. Every morning, the young Gabrielle went to mass with the other boarders and they
took a long corridor paved with polished pebbles arranged in geometric patterns with
five-pointed stars.
A symbol of beauty, movement and freedom, the Comet has become the emblem of CHANEL Fine Jewellery and continues to inspire its new creations. In a rain of stars CHANEL constantly re-
interprets this motif with accents of eternity. Like a star-studded sky, the theme continues to inspire jewellery