3 Feb 2024 By Aiyana K

Chantecaille 2024 Spring Sea Turtle Collection LIMITED EDITION

Inspired by the glittering sea and warm sands of South America where marine turtles thrive.

Chantecaille is proud to support the Amazon Conservation Team and  its Ancestral Tides initiative with sales from this collection.

The Mission:

Protecting Sea Turtles

Indigenous people of the Americas have a strong connection with marine turtles going back millennia, considering them to be “messengers,” “elders,” and “wisdom keepers” because of their longevity.

But sea turtles such as hawksbills, olive ridleys, and leatherbacks have been under threat for decades from ocean pollution, climate change, egg poaching, and more. Highly migratory, sea turtles travel instinctually along ancient routes that in this region run between the Amazon and Mesoamerica. For that reason, their conservation is most effective when it connects across national boundaries and ecosystems and is informed by those whose knowledge of these historic patterns runs deepest, and whose livelihoods are dependent on their survival.

Funds raised from the sales of Chantecaille’s Sea Turtle Collection will support Amazon Conservation Team and Ancestral Tides in advancement of turtle monitoring in the region through GPS tagging which will allow researchers to identify travel routes that female turtles follow after nesting, hot spots for feeding and reproductive areas, so conservation efforts can be better directed. The GPS tagging will also allow for check-ins on the turtles during their seasonal migrations.

Will be available at Chantecaille e-shop, boutiques and counters on 15th February 2024.

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