6 Jul 2024 By May Ng

Chaumet en Scène high jewellery collection

Conceived as a spectacular representation uniting artistic disciplines, Chaumet en Scène, the Maison’s new High Jewellery collection, presents three eloquently cadenced scenes. Music, dance and magic convey the full measure of the Maison’s virtuosity. Under the spotlights, parures acquire their own rhythm mixing repetitive patterns and free time. Translating the Maison’s esteemed art of movement, each parure is a unique number in which the High Jewellery pieces magnify exceptional stones. In an unprecedented expression of Chaumet creative freedom, necklaces and earrings compete in savoir-faire, while richly hued rings play in tune with unisex brooches. Without forgetting that timeless Maison signature, the tiara, which leads with brilliance. Pick pieces from the collection to act as your own director, attract all the attention, captivate the audience, and keep it in suspense: such is the promise of Chaumet en Scène. Curtains up! 

Shaped by a multitude of inspirations, the Maison evolved across the eras in accordance with the arts, from whose repertoires it draws numerous motifs. Among them, music holds a special place in the heart of Chaumet, as does dance, in which it finds a natural partner. Conceived as a multifaceted narrative, Chaumet en Scène also draws on the art of magic to invoke irresistibly poetic jewels. Led by the conductor Benoît Verhulle, the thirteenth head of the Chaumet workshop since its establishment, the artisans of 12 Vendôme transform into veritable magicians, capable of conjuring up an acrobatic display of diamonds or a trompe l’oeil of pearls and diamonds.