Chaumet launches the new chapter of its high jewellery collection – Perspectives de Chaumet


Ondulation, the final chapter in the Perspectives de Chaumet High Jewellery collection presented in July, stands out for its virtuoso, articulate and distinctive pieces in which yellow gold enhances and contrasts with exceptional coloured stones.

For 240 years, architecture has been one of the cornerstones of the Chaumet stylistic repertoire and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the new Perspectives de Chaumet thematic High Jewellery collection, which pays tribute to the major trends in international architecture through a resolutely contemporary and innovative approach.

Inspired by deconstructivist architecture, Ondulation, the last of the collection’s six chapters, breaks with the laws of perspective to celebrate the art of movement and the freedom of masterful creativity. Featuring enhanced articulation, this parure is the result of the coming together of craftsmanship and 3D technology in the High Jewellery realm. In this sixth chapter, this alliance of tradition and modernity serves to remove the barriers to virtuosity.

Suggestive of sun-bathed architecture, yellow gold is worked in volume like a second-skin mesh, for which flexibility and lightness are the key words. In a surprising alternating of solid and segmented, it combines a strong presence with a sense of lightness in a necklace composed of 950 gold ingots that caress the contours of the neck. Appearing to miraculously balance on this supple structure, an exceptional and bewitching bluish-green 30.25-carat indicolite tourmaline contrasts with the warm tones of gold.

Elsewhere, the precious metal’s brilliance seems to merge with the yellow sapphires of a cuff bracelet and a jewel watch whose dial features a new take on trompe-l’oeil, an historic Chaumet speciality. Rings and earrings also play up the contrasts created with indicolite tourmalines in striking hues.

This ornamental parure evokes Chaumet jewellery in the 1970s’ Pierre Sterle style, in which yellow gold is worked in singular textures and interplays of feminine curves, covering and revealing the body with a sensual allure.