Chaumet Liens Évidence, a story without end

A contemporary vision of the sentimental jewel, since 1970 the Chaumet Liens has been a symbolic attachment that unites people, lovers, friends and family. A pure expression of this emblem, the iconic Liens Évidence collection now features new pieces in gold, diamonds and colour, as a way of celebrating the strength of relationships enriched over time.


Snapshots of happiness

Bonds of love strengthened over the years and wedding anniversaries; passionate connections as a statement between two young lovers; links of life, uniting around a birth; eternal links woven from father to son or grandmother to granddaughter… Within the intimacy of Parisian interiors, photographer Boo George immortalises all those special moments celebrated by Liens Évidence.

Love links

As evident as passion, Liens Évidence describes the magic that unites two people.

As evident as love, it weaves the eternal tale of a life lived in happiness.

As evident as tenderness, it reinforces the desire and pleasure of sharing a lifetime of togetherness.

The affirmation of a choice, Liens Évidence highlights the bright moments of existence. Elegant and discreet, it captures these unique instants in which the heart reveals itself, expressing all the nuances of emotion.

Time links

From occasion to occasion, from year to year, at any age, Liens Évidence is a gift of happiness to offer others or oneself.

Plural links

Its refined design evokes the power of encounters and the strength of attachment. Depending on the celebration, Liens Évidence is available as rings, bracelets or earrings, mixing materials and colours to make them easier to combine as messages intended for loved ones. For a day like no other, it is perfect for a stylish wedding ceremony marking the first steps to forever. As a subtle variation on its classic range, a precious surprise is found in the fusion of grey gold and rose gold. In an interplay of colour, Liens Évidence possesses the originality of a composition freely adaptable to celebration and circumstance. It looks just as good in passionate red as deep blue or bright green, and is adorned with a redesigned and pared down clasp.

Links for him

Timeless and graphic, the Liens Évidence bracelet is now available in a larger, more masculine version. In white gold or rose gold, it combines and mixes easily with other pieces in the collection, appealing to men as much as women.