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Summer gardens

Vibrant colours, graphic honeycombs, the warm glow of gold-as summer approaches, the Chaumet gardens are brimming with life and loveliness. The Maison showcases its radiant flora and fauna with the Bee My Love, Laurier, Pierres de Rêve, Attrape-Moi and Broche OEillet collections. Intended for everyday wear and to be mixed and matched to illuminate any look, these light and fresh creations herald the return of sunny days.

Bee My Love

Cultivating a sense of joie de vivre and lightness, Bee My Love reinterprets the imperial symbol of the bee through the motif of the honeycomb, in an interplay of gold and geometry. In rose, yellow or white gold, pavé or not pavé, rings, bracelets and necklaces are designed to be playfully mixed and matched to compose a unique look every day.

This summer, Bee My Love is enriched with new creations, multiplying the possibilities of stylistic invention. Brooches join the collection, as a graphic row of pavé white or rose gold honeycombs that make a discreet fashion statement. The emblematic motif also adorns the links of delicate bracelets, to be paired with corresponding necklaces or elegantly mismatched.

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鮮豔亮麗的色彩、富幾何感的蜂巢造型、如陽光般溫暖的金色光芒……由Bee My Love、Laurier(月桂葉)、Pierres de Rêve、Attrape-Moi(網住我)及Broche Œillet等系列的瑰麗珠寶所構成的Chaumet花園熱情洋溢,充滿活力生機。這些輕盈靈動的珠寶首飾不僅適合日常佩戴,而且易於混搭配襯,令造型煥發光彩,以迎接陽光明媚的夏日

Bee My Love

Bee My Love系列以象徵勤勞與拿破崙王權的六邊形蜂巢圖案為設計亮點,將金與幾何圖形兩者巧妙結合,營造出生動活潑的感覺。此系列包括戒指、手鐲及項鏈等設計,並有玫瑰金、黃金或白金款式,以及鋪鑲鑽石或無鑽款式供選擇,可任意混搭、疊戴,塑造獨一無二的造型。

今年夏天, Bee My Love系列推出新款臻品,印證了此系列的多樣性。全新胸針設計採用白金或玫瑰金,將標誌性的六邊形蜂巢圖案排成一列,再鋪鑲鑽石,形成簡潔時尚的設計。可配襯採相同設計的手鏈或同系列的項鏈,展現優雅而時尚的風格。