Chaumet – Summer Sparkle

This summer, Maison Chaumet enlarges its Jeux de Liens collection with two new brightly-coloured pendants: a refreshing swimming pool blue and a glistening jet black to add to its collection of talismanic, for a vibrant summer season.

A contemporary reinterpretation of the sentimental jewel, since 1977 the Liens collection has been celebrating the bonds between people and uniting those who love each other. In graphic and colourful variations, the Jeux de Liens creations provide an optimistic palette to combine in a light and fresh manner according to one’s desires: the crossed links light up with the bright hues of coloured gemstones, the glow of polished gold, or the sparkle of diamonds.

Through the addition of two new rose gold versions of the pendant, Chaumet extends the sense of playfulness with colourful pieces imbued with meaning. Joining the lacquer and gemstone versions are styles in agate and onyx, each embellished with a diamond. The first, which promotes harmony and serenity, evokes the soothing blue of a lagoon, while the second, a token of strength and stability, bears mysterious witness to dark and sultry star-speckled summer nights. By mixing and matching, these Jeux de Liens creations can be worn alone or in multiple, as precious lucky charms to keep all summer long.

這個夏季,Chaumet推出兩款色彩亮麗的新吊墜,讓Jeux de Liens系列更加豐富多彩。如海水般清爽的藍色及亮澤的黑色為系列增添生氣,更為夏日注入繽紛活力。

「Liens緣繫•一生」系列重新賦予情感珠寶當代意涵,自1977年開始一直頌揚人與人之間的連繫,把彼此相愛的人連結起來。Jeux de Liens系列仿如一塊絢麗的調色板,提供各式圖案及色彩設計,讓佩戴者按自己所想,以歡愉、清新的步調自由組合搭配:連結吊墜把寶石的豔麗光澤、貴金屬的閃亮光輝與鑽石的璀璨光芒連為一體。

Chaumet推出的兩款全新玫瑰金吊墜,光彩耀眼,這些寓意深遠的作品延續了此系列的活潑靈動個性。兩個全新款式分別鑲嵌瑪瑙及縞瑪瑙,每款均綴以閃耀奪目的鑽石,為原有漆面與寶石款式的系列增添豐富的色彩·。藍色瑪瑙款式象徵着和諧與寧靜,讓人聯想起恬靜如鏡的藍色湖泊;縞瑪瑙款式則代表力量與穩定,是黑暗與星光燦爛的夏夜的神秘見證。Jeux de Liens的珠寶可以單獨或自由疊戴,猶如能讓人擁抱整個夏天的珍貴幸運符。