The Murray, Hong Kong has appointed Alexandre Viriot as Chef de Cuisine of Popinjays, the rooftop restaurant and bar located with panoramic views of Central. With his recent appointment, Chef Alexandre will be responsible for designing and curating the culinary offerings of the modern European establishment.

Born in Dallas, Texas, to chef parents, Chef Alexandre’s passion for cooking runs in his blood. Chef Alexandre cut his teeth in fine dining in Las Vegas, where he took on the role of sous chef-tournant at Restaurant Guy Savoy in Hotel Caesars Palace, the first fine dining Guy Savoy restaurant to open stateside, for three years. He then moved on to three Michelin-starred Joël Robuchon at the Mansion in MGM Grand Las Vegas for another two years as the meat sous chef.

Most notably, Chef Alexandre spent six years working under respectable French culinary legend Chef Alain Ducasse. Their time together began in 2011 at miX by Alain Ducasse in Saint Petersburg where he started as an executive sous chef and earned a promotion to executive chef before joining IDAM and MIA Café by Alain Ducasse in Doha. In 2017, he became the Executive Chef at Air France’s Salon La Première in Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, where he had the opportunity to cook for President Emmanuel Macron and President Vladimir Putin at Château de Versailles. He then joined the opening team as the executive chef for both Voyages by Alain Ducasse and the two Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse at Morpheus in Macau.

To date, Chef Alexandre regards Chef Ducasse as one of the greatest influences in his cuisine and his cooking continues to be guided by the philosophy that produce should always come first. The new menu he designed for Popinjays sees his unweaving focus on the finest ingredients gifted by the season, with meticulous pairing of flavours and textures, presented in a modern and refreshing arrangement.

A refresher on the palate to begin the meal, Wild Sea Bream Carpaccio (HKD 198) is seasoned with homemade leche de tigre, shallot, sumac and chilli. Pistachio bits are sprinkled on top for an added toasted flavour and crunchiness.

Roasted Duck Breast (HKD 268) is a modern interpretation of classic French flavours where duck meat is commonly paired with beetroot and sherry vinegar to tone down the richness. To offer a touch of umami to the dish, miso is blended into the beetroot puree. For an extra Asian kick, Sichuan pepper subtly shines through a mix of spices such as star anise, juniper, coriander seeds and black pepper in the savoury sauce.

Steamed Skrei Cod (HKD 268) spotlights the wild flavours and buttery texture of the seasonal Norwegian Arctic Cod. Slow cooked on steam at 55 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, the dish requires highly skilled control of temperature and timing to retain the moistness and succulence of the meat. A refined version of the classic peas à la française, pea pod skin is pureed for a layered texture, and baby gem is added for a hint of freshness. Enhancing the sea flavour is the creamy bone sauce made from the roasted cod bone, spices and white wine.

A traditional favourite in Italy and southern France, the generously portioned Suckling Pig “Porchetta” (HKD 388) is perfect for sharing. The suckling pig is deboned whole and stuffed with rice, minced pork, spinach, olives and piquillo pepper. The meat roll is then slow steamed at 72 degrees Celsius for 12 hours, followed by roasting to produce crispy skin while keeping the meat moist and tender.

With nearly 20 years of culinary experience under his belt, Chef Alexandre looks forward to his next challenge at The Murray, Hong Kong: “Embracing Hong Kong’s multicultural and dynamic dining landscape and its unparalleled access to premium ingredients, I look forward to creating a dining experience that will bring joy to our diners at Popinjays.”

Prices are subject to 10% service charge. For reservations and enquiries, please email, call +852 3141 8888 or visit

中國香港特別行政區, 2020年4 月23日 ── 香港美利酒店任命Alexandre Viriot (高禮信) 為Popinjays天台餐廳及酒吧的主廚,帶領廚師團隊為客人呈獻無與倫比的現代歐陸美食。


Alexandre曾於美國拉斯維加斯凱薩宮酒店的Restaurant Guy Savoy工作三年,首次親身感受到頂級法國菜的魅力,及後加入拉斯維加斯美高梅大酒店的米芝蓮三星餐廳Joël Robuchon任職Meat Sous Chef兩年。

與Alain Ducasse合作的六年可謂Alexandre事業中的里程碑。Alexandre於2011年於聖彼得堡的miX by Alain Ducasse擔任助理行政總廚,深得Alain Ducasse賞識的他被擢升為行政總廚並調任至多哈的IDAM和MIACafé。

2017年,他成為巴黎戴高樂機場內法國航空Salon La Première的行政總廚,更曾在凡爾賽宮為法國總統馬克龍及俄羅斯總統普京烹調美食。隨後,他同時擔任澳門Voyages by Alain Ducasse及二星米芝蓮餐廳Alain Ducasse at Morpheus的行政總廚。

Alexandre視Alain Ducasse為廚師生涯中其中一位最具影響力的伯樂,他的烹飪哲學承傳自Alain Ducasse以食材為先的理念,不管身在何地,即使餐廳的風格各異,從未改變這方向。他為Popinjays設計的全新菜單亦秉承此原則,以優質時令食材為主軸,每道菜式均蘊藏著精心配搭的味道及質感,輔以現代簡潔的擺盤,令人耳目一新。

野生鯛魚薄片 (HKD 198) 以Alexandre親製的虎奶酸橘醬汁、青蔥、鹽膚木香料及辣椒醃製,再於生魚片表面灑上開心果碎粒,加添絲絲烤焗風味及香脆口感。

香烤鴨胸 (HKD 268) 以紅菜頭及雪莉醋的酸味平衡鴨肉的油脂,是法國菜中傳統的配搭。Alexandre在紅菜頭蓉中加入味噌提鮮,更在八角、杜松、芫荽籽及黑椒等香料中混入充滿亞洲風味的四川花椒,令醬汁帶有微微香辛滋味。

蒸野生挪威鱈魚 (HKD 268) 經攝氐55度蒸煮20分鐘,以突顯魚肉的野生風味及豐腴油香,需要廚師準繩的溫度及時間控制以保留嫩滑的肉質。配菜亦同樣充滿巧思,Alexandre在青豆中入豆莢蓉及清新的嫩生菜,為經典的法式青豆添上新意。而醬汁則用上烤鱈魚骨、香料及白酒,送上香濃誘人的海洋滋味。

份量十足的脆烤豬肉卷 (HKD 388) 是意大利及法國南部的傳統佳餚,最適合與友共享。整隻乳豬去骨後釀入米飯、豬肉碎、菠菜、橄欖及西班牙紅甜椒。捲起餡料後以攝氐72度蒸煮12小時再烤香表皮以炮製出外脆內嫩的質感。


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