24 Jul 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Chef Karl Steele Presents the Seafood in Summer Tasting Menu to Hugo’s Dining Tables

Celebrate this summer season with a taste of the ocean as Chef Karl Steele and his culinary team at Hugo’s meticulously craft the Seafood in Summer five-course tasting menu.

After growing up on the coast, with summers spent on the beach where lots of al fresco seafood restaurants were located, all offering great quality seafood from the south coast of England, Chef Karl developed a strong passion for fish and seafood dishes at a young age. As Hong Kong is in a great location for seafood with abundant fresh, high quality supplies from around Asia, Chef Karl aspires to create similar experiences to those in his hometown to impress food connoisseurs at Hugo’s.

Kickstart the oceanic journey with Hugo’s signature bread basket, served with specially crafted homemade seaweed butter, as well as Oyster crisps, an amuse-bouche with French oyster emulsion, pickled cucumber and sea herbs.

Sourcing great produce which flourishes in the summertime, such as heirloom tomatoes from The Netherlands, Atlantic lobster salad is delicately crafted with a refreshing touch and features heirloom tomatoes, tomato consommé and elderflower pickle jelly. It is a variation of a classic lobster cocktail with a rich lobster emulsion instead of the traditional ‘Marie Rose’ cocktail sauce.

In season with next-day delivery from Japan, Hokkaido sea urchin with braised turnips and sea urchin mousseline is an incredibly creamy delicacy with thick umami and the fresh fragrances of the seashore.

Also sourced from Hokkaido and perceived as the most coveted scallops in the culinary scene, Seared Hokkaido scallop is succulent and has a tender, moist flesh. It is served with sweet onion puree, roasted onion consommé and oscietra caviar.

“Fish and chips is a must in the summertime, and a seafood pie always goes down well,” says Chef Karl.  Battered Atlantic cod is satisfyingly crispy on the outside and juicy inside, with smoked cod roe and tartare sauce, lemon, sea fennel, and is served with a freshly baked mini British seafood pie consisting of salmon, prawn and lobster stock.

Originating during a cricket game at Eton College in the 1920s, when an over-excited dog knocked over a strawberry pavlova making a mess, Summer fruit Eton mess is a classic British summertime dessert composed of British strawberry mousse, mixed berry compote and raspberry meringue. It has become a staple in nearly every British household.

The Seafood in Summer five-course tasting menu is priced at HK$1,250 per person and is available at Hugo’s from 20 July to 31 August 2021. Guests can also opt for a wine-pairing option at HK$530 to enrich the dining experience. All prices are subject to a 10% service charge. The menu can be viewed here.