Chef Pino Sees Red at Tosca


Pomodoro, a.k.a. tomato, is considered both a fruit and a vegetable.  A variation of the word, pomo d’oro, is the Italian term for “golden apple”.  Michelin-starred Chef Pino Lavarra looks to his homeland for tasteful inspirations for a menu that creatively uses ten specially imported varieties from Southern Italy.  The “All About Tomato” menu is available at Tosca from August 6 to September 30, 2014.  From the amuse-bouche through the dessert, Chef Pino will have you thinking about tomatoes in a colorful new light.

The menu starts with Chef Pino’s homemade 24-karat gold tomato as amuse-bouche, followed by a choice of starter, Tomato-Coated Buffalo Mozzarella with Truffle Caviar or a delightful and tasteful mix of fruit and vegetable, Cold Tomato and Strawberry Soup with Smoked Herrings.  Pasta course features San Marzano Tomato Risotto with Veal Sweet Bread or Stuffed Gnocchi with Tomato Seed Jam.  Main course spotlights Crispy Scorpion Fish on Clear Tomato Water and Sour Neapolitan Vegetable Salad, complemented by the sensational dessert Cheesecake with Tomato Jelly and Lemon Curd.

The “All About Tomato” is priced at HK$1,280+10% per guest (four courses) or HK$1,480+10% per guest (five courses) or HK$1,680+10% per guest (six courses). The menu is available from 6pm to 10:30pm (Monday to Sunday) from August 6 to September 30, 2014. For full menu, please refer to the appendix.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Restaurant Reservations at +852 2263-2270 or email