Chef Ricardo Chaneton The Return of Stereo by Mono

In response to the latest spate of COVID-19 restrictions in the city, MONO’s Chef-Founder Ricardo Chaneton announces the return of STEREO by MONO, a family-style dining experience for groups of four people. Combining Ricardo’s South American roots and solid French culinary training, the home dining experiences will be available for self-pickup and delivery on JIA Everywhere.

While MONO presents a singular tasting menu that encapsulates South America’s complex gastronomic heritage elevated by Ricardo’s mastery of French fine dining, STEREO BY MONO leans on the warmth and comforting nature of South American culinary culture to offer two set menus influenced by the dishes that Ricardo ate growing up. These inspired South American classics are a nod to how the mere lifting of a spoon can bring forth joy and comfort in spades – what the city’s diners are craving right now.

“It’s a hard time for everyone and it is even more important for restaurants to live up to their namesake – ‘restaurant’ is derived from the French term ‘restaurer’, meaning to restore – to lift the spirits of our community,” says Chef Ricardo. “I want to invite diners to experience a different facet of my interpretation of South American cuisine, in which honest, soulful cooking and premium produce come together to provide a sense of much-needed comfort during these times.”

Two South America-inspired Food Sets for Delivery (serves 4 people)

Set A (HK$2,080) features Venezeulan arepas (traditional soft corn bread) with a confit carabinero and avocado salad filling; whole roasted chickens a la brasa (Peruvian style roasted chicken) with steamed jicama and rustic chimichurri; MONO’s signature mole sauce; and alfajor cookies with a strawberry jam and white chocolate filling.

Set B (HK$1,690) is a spread of heirloom tomato salad with arctic char and seaweed dressing; charcoal grilled meagre with sweet corn; French quail with congri (a bean and rice dish originating from Cuba), steamed jicama and quail jus infused with chilli ancho.

Both sets come accompanied with quinoa sourdough loaves and desserts of white peach pies with lavender and honey. Diners can also choose to stock their pantries by adding on MONO favourites – 500ml bottle of Eva Aguilera Arbequina olive oil at HK$800 and Imperial Caviar Mono special selection (10 grams) at HK$238.

All menus are subject to change depending on availability of fresh ingredients.

  • All orders must be paid and placed 24 hours in advance. Any orders placed after 6 pm will be processed the next following day.
  • STEREO BY MONO sets are available for pick up & deliveries from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Delivery is free within Hong Kong Island locations with a minimum spend of HK$800. Delivery fee for Kowloon location is subject to HK$200 with a minimum spend of HK$800; the New Territories location is subject to HK$300 with a minimum spend of HK$800.
  • Once purchased, refunds or cancellations are not allowed.
  • Due to the sustainable ethos held by MONO, cutlery will not be provided.

For more information, visit All orders can be made via WhatsApp +852 5723 5668 or email