31 Jul 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Chef Shun Sato Embraces His Sense of Japanese Cuisine, Design, Music and Lifestyle

CENSU Is Now Open!

A sensual celebration of Japanese cuisine – Chef Shun Sato’s first own restaurant, CENSU, has officially opened on Gough Street. From today, guests can experience an exceptional selection of premium Japanese dishes, inspired by Chef Shun’s culinary experience from Tokyo to down-under, in a setting that represents the core values of Wabi-sabi from its menu, interior design, art pieces to the team’s eclectic playlist – guests are invited to immerse themselves in Chef Shun’s culinary home.

CENSU is play on words, meaning 扇子 ‘Sensu’ – the Japanese word for ‘folding fan’ – and the celebration of the five senses and beyond, as the concept is also a representation of the team’s fashion, music, design and, of course, culinary senses. The menu opens with a selection of light appetizers and continues with delectable mains for sharing, featuring the freshest bounty of the sea and land flown-in from Japan and complemented with a concise beverage list of highballs, premium whiskies and craft sakes from small-scale breweries in Japan, as well as natural wines.

Boasting a 40-seat dining room, CENSU embodies the concept of Wabi-sabi (侘寂) in every aspect – a traditional Japanese philosophy embracing the appreciation of imperfect beauty and simplicity. The venue is inspired by Chef Shun’s grandmother’s house in Sendai (Japan), which is a perfect example of Wabi-sabi in architecture. Designed by JAMO Associates / design direction by Shigenobu Yamaoka from TRUNK (Hotel), all elements at CENSU enforce a simple aesthetic and admiration for natural charm: from its bright Sakan plastered walls and iconic Engawa stone flooring to its traditional Japanese wooden beams. A large grooved and unpolished walnut table, carved from a single piece of wood, marks the centrepiece, whilst long panels of natural pine wood further define the space from floor to ceiling, adding to the warm, nostalgic feeling of home. “CENSU is my interpretation of the feeling of home in every sense. My team, but also the guests should feel like they are coming home when they taste, smell, feel, hear and experience CENSU. We invite our guests to become part of CENSU and to leave a trace of their experience, whether it be denim bleeding on the stools or marks on the tables and walls, which will make CENSU even more beautiful,” says Chef Shun. Embracing the Wabi-sabi philosophy in every aspect, Chef Shun also encourages his team to play their favourite music –from hip hop, rock, indie to electro swing – an eclectic playlist that nods to the Wabi-sabi vibes.

Hand-made ceramics can be found throughout the space, exclusively designed by WAKA Artisans, a team of Japanese pottery artists whom Chef Shun Sato invited to contribute to his vision of CENSU. From plates and bowls – with some designed by Chef Shun himself – to exclusive vases, their simple design and warm colours of natural potting clay add to the Wabi-sabi feel. Adding another contemporary twist to the interiors, Chef Shun also invited Japanese denim fashion brand, WASHI, to contribute to the interior design. Exclusively created for CENSU, a unique tapestry made of patchwork jeans fabrics is prominently displayed in the dining room, whilst rugged jeans coasters are used to serve all beverages. Most artworks are available for purchase and will be exchanged every season, offering a stage for creative minds to showcase their senses at CENSU.

:              28-30 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening hours:  Monday to Saturday, 6pm-10pm

Telephone:          (852) 2997 7009

Website:              www.censu.net

Instagram:         @censu_hk