Chilli Fagara Embraces Autumn with a Comforting Claypot Menu

Chilli Fagara Embraces Autumn with a Comforting Claypot Menu

Hearty & Heartwarming One-Pot Dishes Join the Menu at this Sichuan Mainstay

Chilli Fagara launches a craveable new Claypot Menu, introducing a comforting range of sizzling one-pot dishes for everyone to enjoy this autumn. Available from 27 October, the heartwarming mains come served bubbling in earthenware pots which are kept warm at the table by an elegant flame, and are perfect paired with a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice.

Known to be a crowd-favourite, the traditional chicken and mushroom claypot is presented with a twist in the Stewed Chicken Pot with Abalone and Pearl Garlic in Sichuan-style (HK$228). Prized abalone elevates the dish, giving it a luxurious feel for a next-level indulgence.

Fiery Beef Brisket Braised with Taro and Turnip (HK$198) crosses hearty melt-in-the-mouth Ma La beef brisket with earthy chunks of taro and turnip to absorb the rich and spicy sauce – a well-balanced and nourishing combination.  Another meaty main is found in the deliciously tender, fall-off-the-bone Pork Ribs Braised with Chestnuts and Shallots (HK$268). Sweet chestnuts and piquant shallots combine wonderfully with succulent and spicy ribs to put forward a dish that is bursting with flavour.

Two vegan dishes make an appearance on the new claypot menu. Fragrant and fulfilling, the Stewed Trio Mushroom with Fresh Asian Basil and Ginger in Chinese Wine-infused Sauce(HK$148) stars king oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, handpicked local Chinese mushrooms, fresh basil and grated ginger simmered in a Chinese wine-laced gravy. Another flavour-packed vegan option is found in the Braised Tofu with Chinese Mushroom and Carrot  (HK$138) – pillowy tofu is tossed with umami-rich mushrooms and vibrant red chillies and carrots in this simple yet satisfying dish.

Chilli Fagara’s limited-edition Claypot Menu will be available in-restaurant from 27 October until the end of February.


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