22 Jun 2023 By May Ng

Chloe Spring 2024 – Resort 2024

“In the ever-rapidly moving world, I find solace in timeless design – pieces that are long-lasting in their execution and made to be atemporal with the hope of being passed down from one generation to the next. This collection is a warm up to the next chapter of climate success that will be Consciousness shown in the Spring-Summer 2024 show. We need to look at ourselves and how our brain processes still in hunter and gatherer’s days, and understand what doesn’t serve us anymore. That our brain works for us and not vice versa. When I see look six, for instance, it gives me great pleasure; to know that the denim trousers are made almost entirely from post-consumer cotton, the shirt is cut from deadstock cotton and the sunglasses are crafted from recycled acetate; to know that the decision to put the environment first didn’t affect the beauty of the design but empowered it.”

Gabriela Hearst, Creative Director of Chloé