Abracadabra! Suddenly you are here inside the world of

Christian Louboutin! Loubiworld takes you on a journey

through the imagination of the designer. Each perfume,

from the lightest to the most intense, unveils a personal memory,

a fantasy, or a dream. To bring these stories to life,

Christian Louboutin collaborated with a friend, Hélène Tran,

whose ethereal designs echo both the poetry and humor of each universe.

As if pulled out of a magician’s scarlet hat, each bottle lacquered

with red is crowned with a fantastical cap,

and each fragrance is a personal story from the creator. Time for some magic!

The Loubiworld collection consists of 7 fragrances available in HK$2,450/90ml

and will be available on and at Christian Louboutin Beauty boutiques

and select retailers worldwide starting on 1 November 2020.


Christian Louboutin Beauty Retail Outlets Exclusively at:


Lane Crawford ifc mall 2110 9485

Lane Crawford Canton Road 2110 8165

Lane Crawford Time Square 2110 8537

Digital flagship