26 Sep 2022 By May Ng

CLARINS NEW Super Restorative Day & Night

Super Restorative Day (All skin types/Very dry skin) $1050/ 50ml
Super Restorative Night (All skin types/Very dry skin) $1120/ 50ml

Launch date: 1st October, 2022

How hormonal changes(menopause) can impact the skin

CLARINS approaches the topic of menopause openly and honestly so that women might have a more positive experience.

By studying how hormonal changes can impact the skin, CLARINS formulated expert skin care products that are able to
reduce these impacts and also shares tips and recommendations on how to promote well-being every day.

Today, based on the latest scientific discovery regarding fibroblasts’ behaviour during menopause,
CLARINS Research reformulated the Super Restorative face creams. For the first time, a new ingredient (Organic Gorse Extract) which targets skin slackening is combined with powerful Organic Harungana Extract that offers Retinol-like* action to promote replenished, revitalized,
regenerated skin and a better experience during menopause.