Club Monaco Tea Lounge Collection


Our newest collection made from repurposed tea leaves to create naturally vibrant hues. No matter how you wear them, plan on feeling your best.

Behind the Design:

Transforming the Tea Leaf. Dyed using repurposed Ceylon tea leaves, our Tea Lounge collection extends the life of the tea one step further, using upcycled waste from iced tea manufacturing to create a more earth friendly dyeing process.

Working Towards a Better Club:

This process generates less waste, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

The end product: The Club styles you love, in beautiful earthy tones, created in a way you can feel even better about.

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Club Monaco Tea Lounge Collection

我們的最新系列是由經過改種的茶葉所製成,可營造出自然活潑的色調。 無論您如何穿著它們,都會另你感覺到自己在最好的狀態。


改造茶葉 – 使用重新設計的錫蘭茶葉染色後,我們的Tea Lounge系列將茶的壽命延長了一步,利用冰茶生產製造的升級改造廢料,從而創造了一種對地球更友好的染色工藝。



#CMTeaLounge #ClubMonacoHK