Club Monaco The Art of Inspiration

Brand Partners With Local Artists To Brew Culture In PoHo District
CLUB MONACO, a lifestyle brand for today’s cultural influencer offers affordable luxury mixed with a modern sensibility held a multi-venue art event called – “Art of Inspiration” – at three cultural-landmark cafés in the trendy PoHo district. The owners of the participating cafés – teakha, Boom and Po’s Atelier – along with local illustrator Telephone, and singer-song writer, Jing Wong, were selected as CLUB MONACO tastemakers, and shared their life journey and inspirations over the day-long event.

To celebrate one of the five essential pillars of CLUB MONACO Culture Club – Art – well-known artist Telephone, was invited to interact with and create unique portraits for guests on specially designed CLUB MONACO saks bag.

Combining fashion and Culture Clubs food pillars, CLUB MONACO curated fashion models dressed in the CLUB MONACO Spring collection to bicycle around the neighbourhood distributing coffee sleeves, which could then be exchanged for signature products – Keemun Rose Tea from teakha, latte from Boom and Noisette from Po’s Atelier.

Rounding up the artistic activities were a series of musical performances by singer-songwriter Jing Wong from People Mountain People Sea, whose newly composed song “If I were a Magician” was performed for this event.

Reflecting CLUB MONACO’s mantra of “get inspired by what inspires us” and the sensibility of blending fashion with urban living, the CLUB MONACO store on Queen’s Road Central also set up an exquisite pop up café, where shoppers receive a taste of authentic urban lifestyle culture, as well as a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee. The experience was fittingly reminiscent of the brand’s global flagship store on the Fifth Avenue of New York, which houses on-site braches of Strand Bookstore and Toby’s Estate Coffee.