7 Jan 2023 By May Ng

COCO CRUSH 2023 new campaign with JENNIE


Some encounters you wear forever.

Desired, provoked, unexpected: Gabrielle Chanel’s life is a story of encounters that changed her destiny.

The COCO CRUSH collection embodies these encounters with clean and even incisions that crisscross the curved surface of each piece. These singular creations combine strength and delicacy, simplicity and density, softness and rigor.

Discover new COCO CRUSH pieces in BEIGE GOLD, yellow gold or white gold. Each necklace can be worn at four different lengths thanks to an adjustable chain, and the bracelets, with or without diamonds, can be combined to form Gabrielle Chanel’s nickname: COCO.

COCO CRUSH quilted motif necklace in 18K in BEIGE, yellow and white gold.

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COCO quilted motif bracelet in 18K BEIGE, yellow and white gold.

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COCO quilted motif bracelet in 18K BEIGE, yellow and white gold and diamonds.

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