13 Sep 2022 By May Ng

Crab Season Arrives at Chinesology: Embarks on a Crab gastronomic with Hua Diao wine pairing

Located in the ifc mall, helmed by Chef Saito Chau, the Culinary Director of Chinesology, the restaurant aims to be an unconventional Chinese restaurant and bar and approaches Chinese culinary traditions with a modern eye. This autumn, Chef Saito Chau unveils a 10-course tasting menu (Price at 1,888) featuring 5 cooking methods (Chill, marinate, stew, bake, stir-fry) and 4 different types of seasonal crabs, using innovative methods to interpret traditional delicious hairy crab, featuring signature dishes like Alaskan Crab Meat Jelly, Seasonal Crab, 15-years Hua Diao, Furong Crab Claws, Baked Stuffed Crab Shell with Matsutake Mushrooms, Eight Treasures Sticky Rice, and more.

The seasonal crab menu is also available to upgrade with a pairing option, priced at $328 per person, featuring 2 Hua Diao cocktails, a fortified wine and a 10 years port wine specially crafted by Bar Manager Fan Tsang, for pairing with 7 courses of the crab menu, which indulge guests with comforting autumn warmth that fills their taste buds with surprise.