3 Mar 2022 By May Ng

“Dawn of an Era of Well-being New Paths to a Better World”

“Dawn of an Era of Well-being New Paths to a Better World” to Inspire New Year’s Resolutions and Better Habits in 2022- Now stocked in Bookazine
Frederick Tsao, the founder has co-authored Dawn of an Era of Well-being: New Paths to a Better World, which is now available online on Octave Institute website and both in-store and online at Bookazine Hong Kong.
The unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the lives of everyone in Hong Kong and the world. We face endless demands and expectations in our daily lives.Humankind faces monumental challenges ranging from the sustainability of natural resources, climate change, wealth inequalities, breakdowns in social structures, the impact of artificial intelligence, and of course, the threat of pandemics. In the depths of our global crisis, the writers gather rich insights, concepts and principles with fresh perspectives around how to navigate the uncharted waters in which we sail. Tsao joined Ervin Laszlo, Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist, with contributions by Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Hazel Henderson, Jean Houston, Bruce Lipton, Tomoyo Nonaka, Neale Donald Walsch, exploring new paths toward creating a better world: an era of well-being.
Born in Hong Kong, educated in the West and holding Thai nationality, Tsao now spends most of his time between Singapore and China. As a thought leader in quantum theory, Tsao believes that the future of humanity lies in the symbiosis of science and spirituality. By combining ancient wisdom with our scientific knowledge of consciousness can we only achieve a truly advanced state of collective wellbeing. 
Founded by Tsao, OCTAVE Institute offers a platform for research, mindful learning and holistic wellness, which provides a foundation for growth towards a purposeful life, mindfully lived. An integrated, immersive sanctuary located in Suzhou, China, SANGHA Retreat is a key component of the Institute and is widely recognised as China’s most innovative well-being centre, a pioneer combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest in Western science.