14 Nov 2021 By May Ng

DECIEM Announces the launch of Slowvember

Industry disruptor, DECIEM, is once again paving the way for a more sustainable Black Friday period with their annual Anti Black Friday campaign.

Black Friday is a time of year that celebrates hyperconsumerism and pressures panic stricken consumers into impulse purchase in order to secure a discount. For its third consecutive year, DECIEM is taking back Black Friday, by reimagining traditional sales periods and welcoming Slowvember, a journey into a new, gentle world, after an isolated year.

Introducing ‘Slowvember’

This year, DECIEM is renaming ‘November’ to ‘Slowvember’, and is welcoming back its 23% saving across all brands and products for the entire month. However, expect things to be a little slower than usual.

Slowvember is a month for the thinkers, the researchers. The people who appreciate taking the time to pause and reflect before making a decision. For those who take it slow. For everyone that knows that normal wasn’t working. The gentle ones.

DECIEM’s month-long discount offers a human approach to discounting. Consumers will be encouraged to partake in a month of soothing and relaxing experiences across all channels, via calm activations in store, and across DECIEM’s online presence. Slowvember welcomes back DECIEM’s month-long discount period, allowing its audience to slow down and take the time to make educated purchasing decisions.

As a brand whose commitment to education revolutionized consumer purchasing habits, DECIEM’s Slowvember campaign will be centered on an education-first approach to shopping. Throughout Slowvember, customers will be given the opportunity to partake in personalised shopping experiences, as well as community-driven and engaging in-store experiences that allow consumers time to make considered purchases, alleviating the pressure of a small windowed discount.