3 Jun 2024 By AK

Derek Jeter Scores a Castle Buyer

After several years of trying to find a buyer for his unique property, Mansion Global reports that Derek Jeter has sold his New York castle. Recently listed at $6.3 million, the final sale price has not yet been disclosed.

Tiedemann Castle was built in the early 1900s by a New York doctor, Rudolph Gudewill. After Gudewill died, John and Julia Tiedemann, a New Jersey couple, bought the castle in 1952, where they lived with their 13 children, including an adopted son, William Connors. Connors was later to become Derek Jeter’s maternal grandfather. Jeter spent many of his childhood summers at the castle swimming, playing sports and doing chores. The Tiedemanns sold the estate in 1996, but when it came back on the market in 2002, Jeter bought it and began a long and expensive restoration.