19 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Desa Potato Head A Culinary Haven where Community & Sustainability Thrive

Introducing Dome, the latest culinary concept at Desa Potato Head. Dome is a culinary haven where natural food and wine converge in an inviting atmosphere of creativity and community. Inspired by the visionary Buckminster Fuller’s Dome Home, this casual restaurant and natural wine bar transcends dining; it’s a vibrant hub where culinary arts, creativity, and people intertwine.

Led by Chef Diego Recarte, Dome celebrates locally sourced produce, presenting dishes meticulously crafted to showcase easygoing flavours and delicate spiced accents. With a focus on minimal intervention, Dome’s menu allows the inherent quality of the ingredients to shine. Complementing the gastronomic offerings is a thoughtfully curated wine selection by Head Sommelier Minyoung Ryu, featuring tantalizing natural wines designed to elevate each dish.

Dome is more than just a dining destination; it’s a celebration of community and sustainability. Guests are invited to connect, mingle, and share experiences in a space designed to foster interaction and connections. Through Desa Potato Head’s commitment to sustainability, Dome is not only reducing landfill waste but also integrating regeneration into its food supply chain.