Diesel 2019

After releasing Spring—a motocross, extreme sport and retro video game-inspired collection—Diesel
looks to Tokyo, Japan as its main influence for its Summer drop. Tokyo has long been central to
Diesel’s aesthetic direction and overall inspiration.

Additionally, Summer’s look draws cues from rockabilly culture, and sets the look on the street-style
packed neighborhoods of Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is a bold collection, where denim, leather and
souvenir jackets are the key components. Additionally: embroidered tops and jolts of color combined
with black and gray all mix together for a defiant, wild-child appeal.

Oversized silhouettes are a defining shape for Summer, and essential pieces come in XL denim cuts,
frayed or grommet-studded leather, and as jackets with novel souvenir decorating.
Chain jewelry shines against leather, bits of neon strobe against tees and tear-away tops, and striking
sneakers are ready to hit the block. The main pattern draws inspiration from Western bandanas—it
appears on skirts, shorts and shirts.
This is a fearless interpretation of summer for 2019—and one that speeds from the racecourse to the
rock stage. It’s time to scream at the top of your lungs and party onward—and give new meaning to the
term “dancing in the streets.”