DIOR My Lady Dior Star

A timeless House classic, the Lady Dior bag stands out with its architectural lines, metal charms and cannage motif. This regular and geometric pattern, inspired by the Napoleon III-style chairs on which Christian Dior seated the guests at his shows, has become emblematic. Created in 1995, the Lady Dior is named after Diana, Princess of Wales, nicknamed “Lady Di”, who was never without hers. New materials and colors are available according to the season: classic or refined leathers, powdered shades or vibrant hues. Since 2008, Marion Cotillard has been the bag’s embodiment and muse. The Lady Dior has gone on to become a source of inspiration for the artistic sphere which, since 2011, has been giving its interpretation of the design in the Lady Dior As Seen By exhibitions.

My Lady Dior Star, the newest incarnation of the Lady Dior reinterprets the codes of the original model. It inherits its architecture, its lines, its emblematic cannage pattern. And the new interpretation of My Lady Dior with the new pins system and the brand new set of metal pins. They highlight some of Christian Dior’s codes such as lily-of-the-valley and the star, also with some divinatory symbols or zodiac signs, in soft pastel color.

The bag has been the subject of a meticulous level of care by the skilled craftspeople in the Dior workshops. From the choice of skins through to the topstitching of the cannage motif and the bag’s assembly, each step in the creation of the My Lady Dior is an expression of leatherworking excellence.
With a focus placed on comfort that has seen the addition of a closable flap, the House’s new bag is designed with the woman of today in mind.

Each bag will be sold with three pins of the client’s choice, with further pins available for purchase.