11 May 2023 By May Ng


Maria Grazia Chiuri 選擇迷人的印度開展 Dior 2023 秋季時裝展的創意之旅。系列作品彰顯這個國度眾多的精湛手藝和無價的歷史傳承,在迷人的光影交錯間,透過詩意和充滿力量的拍攝手法展現這位創意總監的創作。

選址拉札斯坦邦 (Rajasthan State) 的烏代浦 (Udaipur),在夢幻的場地佈置中展示不同的造型,與這座城市的奢華皇宮與華美寺廟互相輝映。閃閃生輝的絲綢款式反映了傳統印度連身裙的特色,包括綁結或直身半截裙、具建築線條美感的大褸和上衣,以及綴飾精緻垂褶的不對稱連身裙。單色長版上衣採用極簡線條,綴飾側面鈕釦,凸顯黑色和白色的簡約純淨。

大膽的印花描繪了印度風光和想像,包括裝飾恤衫長褲套裝的印度動物主題圖案,以及裝飾絲綢睡衣的 Jardin IndienDior Indian Purple 圖案,讓人一見傾心。以精湛手藝和源遠流長的各種布料呈現這些精美的刺繡,並綴飾在 Maria Grazia Chiuri 設計的連身裙、半截裙或短袖上衣之上。品牌配飾(例如經典 Dior Book Tote)糅合美學、精湛工藝和高級時裝,頌揚超凡入聖的手工作品。

這一場迷人的歷險延續 Dior 與這迷人國度結下的緣分,自 1947 年舉行的第一場時裝展開始,為品牌提供源源不絕的靈感。

For the Dior Fall 2023 show, Maria Grazia Chiuri chose India as the enthralling destination for her creative journey. Embodying the plurality of skills of this country with its priceless heritage, the pieces of the collection dreamed up by the Creative Director are revealed through poetic and powerful shots, highlighted by an enchanting interplay of light and shade.

In the city of Udaipur, a treasure of the Rajasthan state, the looks are staged in a dreamlike setting, reflecting the beauty of the palaces and sumptuous temples that dot the city. The vocabulary of traditional Indian dress is reflected in a series of silk silhouettes in shimmering shades, composed of knotted or straight skirts – worn with tops under coats of architectural cut – and asymmetrical dresses sublimated with virtuoso draping. Long monochrome tunics with minimalist lines, enhanced by side buttons, exalt the graphic purity of black and white.

Elements of Indian landscapes and imagination are sketched in bold prints, including the Indian Animals motif – brandishing a shirt and trouser ensemble –, Jardin Indien and Dior Indian Purple, which punctuate silk pajamas with their hypnotic designs. Metamorphosed into precious embroidery and embellishing dresses, skirts or short-sleeved tops, they tell of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s fascination with these exceptional techniques and the wealth of textile traditions. An ode to the outstanding hand gesture, at the convergence of art, savoir-faire and couture, which also unfolds on the House’s accessories, such as the iconic Dior Book Tote.

A captivating odyssey, perpetuating the passionate ties woven by the House of Dior – from its first fashion show in 1947 – with this fascinating country and its source of inexhaustible inspiration.