7 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Diptyque launches Four Exquisite Limited-Edition Classic Candles inspired by Café Verlet

Celebrate the French art of living, in a world of delicious aromas

Diptyque is delighted to announce its exclusive collaboration with Café Verlet, the renowned historic landmark, and most esteemed purveyor of coffees in Paris. The four exquisite gourmet additions to Diptyque’s Classic Candle collection: Biscuit (Biscuit), Café (Coffee), Chantilly (Whipped Cream) and Fruit Confits (Candied Fruits) – emanates an alluring and aromatic ambiance, inviting your sense of smell on a Parisian culinary voyage. This collaboration celebrates the French art of living, where scents and aromas, and fragrances and flavours intertwine.

Café Verlet, founded by the Verlet family in 1880, is the capital’s first roastery and stands as a testament to taste, upheld by generations of skilled craft roasters. Renowned for its exceptional coffees, Café Verlet embraces the same values of authenticity, excellence and travel as Diptyque. Once again, Diptyque creates a timeless sensory journey by infusing sweetness and sophistication, inspired by the rich heritage and traditional delicacies served at Café Verlet.

To further enhance the collection’s allure, Diptyque has collaborated with British illustrator Clym Evernden, whose imaginative drawings bring the labels, vessels, and boxes of Diptyque to life. These whimsical illustrations infuse the collection with a touch of Parisian charm, weaving a tale that merges the facades of Café Verlet with those of the original Diptyque boutique.

These gourmet candles are an ode to sweetness, inviting us to explore a world of delicious aromas through the comfort of our homes. Immerse yourself in the world of Parisian delight with Diptyque x Café Verlet limited edition candles.

Price Details:

Biscuit (Biscuit) classic scented candle – HK$600

Café (Coffee) classic scented candle – HK$600

Chantilly (Whipped Cream) classic scented candle – HK$600

Fruits Confits (Candied Fruits) classic scented candle – HK$600

Set of three small scented candles – HK$1150

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