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Dive into Summer Oyster Indulgence at Dynasty

Unveil the unusual “Summer Oyster Extravaganza” at the award-winning Dynasty to dazzle your taste buds with the season’s heightened freshness! Embrace an eclectic menu of oyster gastronomy crafted with diverse cooking techniques by Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing, including Deep-Fried Fresh Oyster with Chilli Sauce encased in a lettuce shell, Deep-Fried Fresh Oyster Cake enhanced with lemongrass, as well as the indigenous Sautéed Fresh Oysters with Shredded Pork Belly and Assorted Vegetables served with Pancakes and more, boasting an elevated sensation on this beloved gem of the ocean to delight every palate.


Chef Suen presents eight hearty oyster delights with different culinary techniques, unleashing the distinctive briny sweetness and succulent texture of the coveted ocean delicacy. Unfold the oceanic feast with Deep-Fried Fresh Oyster with Chilli Sauce (HK$ 110 / piece). Chef specially handpicks American oyster which is relished for its robust notes with a bonus of lingering sweetness to the plump and creamy texture. The juicy and succulent oyster are lightly battered and fried to perfection, served over a crisp lettuce cup, highlighting the tempting sensation of crispiness and juiciness, with a drizzle of refreshing sweet chilli garlic sauce. The dressing’s tinge of sweet-and-sour spiciness perfectly accentuates the creaminess of the oyster and takes the earthy umami-ness to the next level. Crispy on the outside and moist inside, the Deep-Fried Fresh Oyster Cake (HK$ 268 / standard portion) features a soft and mellow batter with intense briny taste from the baby oysters as well as the flavourful minced pork popping out. The alluring treat is further elevated with bunches of aromatic lemongrass that brightens the oysters’opulent and nuanced flavours with its unique lemony zing. Equally tempting is the indigenous oyster delicacy originated from Chef Suen’s hometown Fujian Province — Sautéed Fresh Oysters with Shredded Pork Belly and Assorted Vegetables served with Pancakes (HK$ 488 / standard portion). Capture the multitude of textures between springy baby oysters and a variety of ingredients including shredded pork belly, dried tofu, assorted vegetables and more, whereas the fried mackerel flakes sprinkled atop add a burst of smoky oily flavour to enrich the overall taste profile. Create your own set of filling by pairing the stir-fry with other toppings such as pork floss, shredded egg, seaweed flakes and various sauces, all wrapped up in the spongy pancake to curate an irresistibly layered texture and flavours bursting in one bite!

Spice up the oyster feast with two sizzling hot clay pot delicacies, spotlighting the unrivalled rich and meaty texture of the prized Hiroshima Oysters. Explore Hong Kong’s fishing village history through your taste buds as you dig into Braised Fresh Oysters with Spicy Preserved Shrimp Paste (HK$ 368 / standard portion).Deliciously marrying the indigenous X.O. sauce handcrafted by Dynasty Chefs and preserved shrimp paste, the droolworthy sauce echoes the whiff of ocean spray from the oysters, heightened by the aromas of dried shrimp, ginger and spring onion to whet your appetite. Braised Fresh Oysters and Minced Pork Meatballs with Homemade Sauce (HK$ 368 / standard portion) boasts bounty indulgence from land to sea, highlighted by a vivid medley of soy sauce, soy paste, black vinegar and rice wine as well as fragrant basil, making every bite as irresistible as the first.

Revel in flavours of the sea with Simmered Steamed Rice with Fresh Oysters and Vegetables in Fish Soup (HK$ 288 / standard portion). Simmering along with oysters, minced pork, mushroom, celery and diced vegetables in milky white Crucian Carp soup, the rice fully absorbs the essence of all ingredients, delivering a mouthful of ocean-nurtured sweetness that no one can resist! The dish comes with an intriguing twist of crunchy rice bits on the side for an unexpected crunchiness. Steamed Rice Rolls with Fresh Oysters and Minced Pork (HK$ 150 / standard portion; available for lunch only) is a heart-warming dim sum in which succulent baby oysters and minced pork are dressed in velvety smooth rice noodle rolls, coupled with celery, preserved vegetables and fermented fish sauce to add an unusual touch and texture to the delight. While Stir-fried Glass Noodles with Fresh Oysters and Minced Pork with Black Pepper (HK$ 288 / standard portion) would be an ideal choice for spicy food amateur to embrace the subtle nuttiness of the oceanic wonders with a slightly piquant kick on the tongue!

“Summer Oyster Extravaganza” is available from now until 31 August 2021. For reservation and enquiries, please contact us at (852) 2802 8888 orrhi.hkghv.restaurants@renaissancehotels.com. Above prices are subject to 10% service charge.

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Dive into Summer Oyster Indulgence at Dynasty