19 Feb 2022 By May Ng

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty | Dolce LILY THE NEW EAU DE TOILETTE

A new flower blooms in the Dolce bouquet: Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces Dolce Lily, the luminous new Eau de Toilette. Expressing the authentic and caring side of the Dolce girl, the sparkling fruity-floral fragrance embodies her evolution to a self-confident young woman. Always on-the-go, yet enjoying the simple pleasures in life, her unique character and energy are perfectly captured by the vibrant scent of Dolce Lily.

Dolce Lily celebrates the charming pink lily flower – a symbol of femininity and kindness. Crafted by renowned perfumers Nathalie Cetto and Nisrine Grillie, the fragrance is a bright fruity floral, combining the delicate floral signature of pink lily accord with exotic passion fruit and a background of soft, sensual musks. Luminous and full of sparkling energy, Dolce Lily brings a new authentic attitude to the Dolce Collection.
The fragrance opens with vibrant fruits – zesty citrus notes of Italian bergamot contrasting with exotic passion fruit. This passion fruit accord brings a tropical touch to the floral heart of the fragrance, where sparkling pink lily intermingles with sophisticated notes of rose. These radiant florals are set against a backdrop of soft musks, adding a subtly sensuous quality. Sandalwood anchors the scent and brings depth to its base, while vanilla adds an addictive quality to its trail on the skin.

The bottle has the same feminine curves and elegant silhouette as the original Dolce scent, but now the glass is colored with a pop of vivid pink, expressing the vivacious personality of the Dolce girl. The iconic flower cap is reimagined in a matching vibrant pink, reflecting the sparkling lily accord at the heart of the scent. A thin black grosgrain ribbon adorns the bottle, adding an elegant touch that is another signature of the Dolce line. As the finishing detail, ‘lily’ is inscribed on the bottle in light orange script, recalling the fruity facets of the fragrance within.
The campaign stars Deva Cassel as the face of Dolce Lily. Deva perfectly embodies the vibrant energy and authentic character of the Dolce girl. She is seen soaking up the lively atmosphere of picturesque Portofino, arriving along the corniche in an open-top red convertible, and enjoying a coffee with friends in a harbourside café. Her joyful spirit and sparkling confidence radiate in her every move, as she takes pleasure
in life’s simple moments.

Dolce Lily adds a new flower to the blooming Dolce bouquet – a bouquet that bursts with an array of different flowers, each scent in the Collection expressing a new facet of the Dolce girl. Dolce Eau de Parfum was the first flower to bud, capturing the essence of a naturally beautiful and self-confident girl with a scent which combined delicate white water lily, bold white daffodil and white amaryllis. Then, Dolce Peony brought a romantic and delicate quality, the free-spirited peony flower symbolizing positive energy and good fortune. Next, Dolce Shine radiated luminous sunshine, its sensual and cheerful character combining juicy mango with bright jasmine and sun-drenched blonde woods. By contrast, Dolce Rose brought a passionate and daring attitude, the queen of flowers adding its vivid color and iconic, joyful scent. Now with Dolce Lily, the authentic and caring side of the Dolce girl finds new expression, with vibrant passion fruit adding an exotic touch to sparkling pink lily.