DVF Riviera Spring 2015 Collection

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The new DVF Riviera Spring 2015 collection is in store now! As the sun sparkles on the Côte d’Azur, she rises in a gingham wrap with a flirty chiffon skirt, a ruffle catching the breeze behind her. A chiaroscuro of black and white sets the stage for a crescendo of print and color, as she dances towards the sea with a nostalgic joie de vivre.
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She floats from day to night in easy bathing dresses and jersey pique short suits punctuated by graphic bags. A bra top blooms over a full poplin skirt, while a Toile de Jouy pops on structured silk in vibrant pinks and greens. In painterly florals collaged to evoke Picasso and Matisse, she has mastered the art of living well.
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