24 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Embark on a Coffee Journey with Bacha Coffee on International Coffee Day

Discover the Delight of New Coffee Beans and Coffee Bag Varieties at the IFC Boutique

Bacha Coffee at IFC houses an immersive retail space where any manner of coffee variety – from Single Origin, Fine Blended and Fine Flavoured to CO2 Decaffeinated – can be purchased starting at 100 grams and then expertly ground, if required, by in-house Coffee Masters to a size calibrated to suit any coffee preparation method. In celebration of International Coffee Day (1 October), Single Origin coffees from two little-known, developing coffee nations — Myanmar (Danu Gold Coffee) and Malawi (Rukuru River Coffee) — will be added to the already extensive collection of over 200 pure Arabica coffees.

Seven new varieties of Coffee Bags are also launching in time for International Coffee Day, expanding the selection from 21 to 28. Composed of carefully chosen varieties, the Bacha Coffee Bag Gift Box collection presents 12 individually wrapped, single-serve coffee drip bags guaranteed to produce an exceptional cup of 100% Arabica coffee wherever and whenever the desire takes hold.

As part of the Single Origin collection, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Decaffeinated Coffee (HK$198) will astonish with its rich notes of chocolate and ripe red berries, while San Cristóbal Coffee ($336) from Ecuador, Mount Everest Coffee (HK$336) from Nepal and Sigri Jewel Coffee (HK$198) from Papua New Guinea will complete the tour of flavours across 4 continents.

Fragrant spices, indulgent butterscotch, subtle hints of grassiness, and the essence of freshly cut honeycomb add their defining notes to the new Fine Flavoured varieties in the collection – every savour infuses a delicious sweetness to our pure Arabica coffee beans. Venture into uncharted territories of taste and aroma with the newest additions: Marocchissimo! Coffee (HK$198), which stuns with flavours of spices, dried fruits and nuts, Magic Istanbul Coffee (HK$198), which boasts notes of freshly cut honeycomb and green almond, and Addis Ababa Decaffeinated Coffee (HK$198), which highlights gentle notes of caramel.

A wide array of coffee sets and gourmet items make the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones while brewing accessories and coffee-making accoutrements complete the Bacha Coffee shopping experience.

This celebrated coffee is an exceptional naturally CO2 decaffeinated brew with a marvellous aroma of dry hay and blueberries. A complex coffee, it remains long on the palate, wonderfully combining a delicate lemon acidity and a lasting malty flavour.