En Papillote Chinese Delights at The Chinese Restaurant

This autumn, guests may feast over a sumptuous selection of the “en papillote” delights prepared by the hotel’s Executive Chef Raymond Cheung and The Chinese Restaurant’s Head Chef Kwai-kai Lo.

En papillote is a popular cooking technique in France and Italy using a moist-heat method, where the food is enclosed in a parcel of cooking parchment then placed over heat.  The unique quality of this method is that the parcel holds in all the juices of the ingredients throughout cooking, making a rich and aromatic experience.  Each recipe prepared en papillote will be presented by slicing open the paper in front of the guests – thereby providing a wonderful sensory experience.

With his western culinary skill, Chef Raymond has incorporated this cooking technique to Chef Lo’s authentic Chinese cooking recipes at The Chinese Restaurant.  Some of their new creations include braised prawns with shrimp paste and dried sakura shrimps; braised spring chicken with preserved vegetables and turnip and the succulent giant garoupa fillet with bean curd and Chinese celery in soy bean soup.

Chicken, red dates, angelica with Chinese rice wine and superior broth 花... copy

Alternatively, diners may try out the delectable pork meat balls with turnip and chilli sauce or the braised U.S. Prime beef short rib with ginger, dark beer and ginger beer which infused with alluring flavours. In addition, the chefs have “re-packaged” some of our customers’ all-time favourite dishes such as lobster with scallops and crispy rice in superior lobster broth and chicken, red dates and angelica in Chinese rice wine and superior broth – which will undoubtedly tempt diners’ taste buds.

The Chinese Restaurant combines a modern art deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1920s tea house, serving authentic Cantonese dishes. There are two private rooms for 8 and 12 persons respectively.

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