4 Apr 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE


Versace隆重推出ICONS系列,盡顯獨特女性魅力。 ICONS系列靈感源自於米蘭時裝屋的精妙剪裁技術及豐富的設計經驗,通過服飾賦權女性,自內而外釋放女性之美。Versace presents an unapologetically feminine and definitive wardrobe: a selection of intelligent archetypes inspired by the Milanese House’s tailoring know how and decades of experience dressing powerful women.

這一系列的每件衣服我都會穿,多年來我一直穿著類似這樣的服裝。 這些奢華的時裝以極簡的方式充分展示出女性身材的柔美與力量。 女人的多面性是Versace設計的靈感源泉。 身著Versace給這些女性帶來的是體貼、自信與驚豔。 這也是一位ICON理應傳達的感覺。

“I will wear every piece in this collection and have worn similar for decades. These luxurious wardrobe essentials fit perfectly and showcase the beautiful and powerful simplicity of our silhouette. The multi-faceted and inspirational women we dress, talk about how Versace makes them feel: considered, confident and stunning. Just as an Icon should feel.”

——Donatella Versace

對我來說,ICONS系列的特質是永恆的優雅。 我為這些照片感到驕傲,它們似乎代表了Donatella對於女性賦權的願景。 這段令人驚歎的經歷讓我感受最深的就是Donatella的真摯、慷慨和善良。 她和Versace大家庭的每一個人都非常熱情地給予我幫助與支援,對此我非常感激。 能成為Versace女性真的令我非常激動!

“To me, the Versace Icons collection is timeless elegance with an edge. I’m so proud of these images which seem to represent Donatella’s vision of empowerment. What has left the biggest impression on me from this amazing experience is Donatella’s heart, generosity, and kindness. She and everyone in the Versace Family have been so incredibly welcoming and supportive of me, for which I am very grateful. What a thrill to be a Versace woman!”

——安·海瑟薇 || Anne Hathaway

我感到非常榮幸,收到VersaceDonatella的邀請參與ICONS的拍攝,Donatella通過創造獨具特色和多元的女性服裝來肯定時尚的多樣性和包容性,挑戰社會對女性氣質的傳統定義。 通過ICONS我們再一次表達了這樣的觀點:時尚賦予女性的從來不是女人該穿什麼,而是女人隨時可以自由選擇的權力。

“I feel honored to have been invited by Versace and Donatella to be a part of the Versace Icons campaign. Donatella affirms fashion’s diversity and inclusiveness by creating unique and diverse women’s clothing that challenges the traditional definitions of femininity in society. Through Versace Icons, we demonstrate that fashion is not about what women should wear, but rather about empowering women to choose what they want to wear at any given time.”

—— 李宇春 || Chris Lee