22 Oct 2022 By May Ng

Everything starts from a dot: Master the orgasmic multiverse

LELO DOT™ delivers intuitive strength and intensity to teach us the art of connecting the pleasure dots in our bodies to create the intricate sensation of an orgasm. Time and time again.

Pleasure also starts at a single point, a pleasure centre, when energy proceeds to radiate throughout the body. Travelling from the source in the form of energy, it beats on the outer edges of the body and reverses its path, returning to where it started, thus creating an infinite sequence. Building on this as an inspiration, LELO created a true first in the world of delights, the DOT™.

Despite its simplicity, a single dot represents a fundamental starting point of everything that surrounds us. Additional dots can be added, and the initial dot expanded to enhance things and experiences. Still, starting from that single dot, the possibilities for where you take it from there are endless.

How Infinite Loop™ Technology works

Instead of moving in circles like the classical vibrators, LELO DOT™ follows an elliptical trajectory that allows constant surprises by simply shifting the angle of the toy. It orbits around the erogenous zone, covering every nerve ending with an elliptical pattern, resulting in a sweeping release of sensations. Think of the infinity symbol, and now imagine those same curves gently dotted onto your clitoris in one infinite motion until the climax. This comes from concentrating all the power in a bendable soft silicone tip, allowing for a precise and highly focused approach to self-pleasure. 

LELO DOT™ SGD259 / HKD1,489 in a nutshell:

  • ABSOLUTE PRECISION. The pinpoint shape lets you meticulously stimulate any erogenous zone using the soft and bendable tip to steer the oscillations.
  • EIGHT POWERFUL PLEASURE SETTINGS. LELO DOT™ offers eight different vibration patterns, varying in intensity from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.
  • ELLIPTICAL MOVEMENT. A new unique sensation, reinventing orgasms as we know them.
  • EXTRA – SOFT SILICONE. Extra soft to the touch, LELO’s classic body-safe silicone design allows for deeply fulfilling and hygienic pleasure.