12 May 2023 By May Ng

EVOLCARE’s Probiotic Skincare Series

– ReBalance; ReStore, is designed to rebuild the skin’s microbiome balance and restore its natural beauty and health.

EVOLCARE is a natural and pure skincare brand developed in Switzerland, dedicated to protecting the skin from external aggressors and maintaining its healthy state. The brand has developed a 100% vegan formula “Probiotic Skincare Series” that helps maintain the skin’s microbiome balance and takes care of daily skincare needs. The series includes Harmony Probiotic Balancing Toner, Rosé Probiotic Repair Serum, and Serene Probiotic Lightweight Moisturizer. The formula contains probiotics (lactobacillus ferment) and various prebiotics extracted from natural ingredients such as α-glucan oligosaccharides, inulin, and fructose. Both of these ingredients promote the healthy growth of beneficial bacteria, allowing them to inhibit harmful bacteria, rebalance the skin’s microbiome, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and maintain the skin’s healthy state, instantly restoring the skin’s natural beauty and health.

The “Probiotic Skincare Series” includes: Step 1 – Toner: Rebuilds skin balance and opens the absorption pathway Harmony Probiotic Balancing Toner (Harmony Revitalising Toner) HK$200 (1mL x 30pcs)

Step 2 – Serum: Repairs and activates skin cells, restoring healthy and radiant skin Rosé Probiotic Repair Serum (Rosé Probiotic Serum) HK$350 (0.5mL x 30pcs)

Step 3 – Moisturizer: Stabilizes skin microbiome, providing long-lasting smooth and plump skin Serene Probiotic Lightweight Moisturizer (Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream) HK$320 (1mL x 30pcs)


EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt Limited Time Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup

EVOLCARE and Smile Yogurt are both committed to using natural ingredients, and from now until June 15th, they are collaborating to launch a limited-time Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup “EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt” (HK$70). The Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup is inspired by the “Probiotic Skincare Series” and combines fresh Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, and rose lychee jelly to create the colors of the “Probiotic Skincare Series.” The rich and creamy Cheesecake Ice Cream is perfectly combined with Smile’s homemade crispy bits and almond slices, and the richness of the layers is evident with every bite. Pink macarons, blue and white chocolate pieces are used as decoration, making the taste and appearance equally attractive. Each layer of “EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt” is carefully selected and blended by the teams of EVOLCARE and Smile Yogurt to jointly safeguard health.

Limited Time “EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt” Cheesecake Ice Cream Offers*

Offer 1:
During the promotion period, customers who purchase one “EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt Limited Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup” at Smile Yogurt will receive one EVOLCARE eye mask exchange coupon. The coupon can be redeemed for a pair of Fleur Radiance Eye Masks (valued at HK$44) at an EVOLCARE store.

Offer 2:
Customers who purchase any two “Probiotic Skincare Series” products at EVOLCARE will receive a set of “Probiotic Skincare Series” trial products, two pairs of Fleur Radiance Eye Masks, and one EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt Limited Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup (valued at HK$250).

Offer 3:
Customers who spend HK$1,000 or more on any “Probiotic Skincare Series” products at EVOLCARE will receive a set of “Probiotic Skincare Series” trial products, one box of Fleur Radiance Eye Masks, one box of Silk Lotus Hot Spring Refreshing Lotion, and one EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt Limited Cheesecake Ice Cream Cup (valued at HK$580).

ReBalance 益生菌護膚套裝 (HK$320) - Harmony 益生菌平衡爽膚水 (Harmony Revitalising Toner) (1mL x 10) - Rosé 益生菌修護精華 (Rosé Probiotic Serum) (0.5mL x 10) - Serene 益生元輕盈面霜 (Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream) (1mL x 10)
EVOLCARE x Smile Yogurt期間限定乳酪雪糕杯