24 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Chilli Fagara Exclusive Hearty Yunnan Mushroom Dishes

Join the Menu at Hong Kong’s Sichuan Mainstay

Yunnan Wild Mushrooms Take Centrestage at Chilli Fagara

Hong Kong’s celebrated Sichuan mainstay, Chilli Fagara, launches a craveable new Yunnan Mushroom Menu, introducing a comforting range of mushroom delicacies from the high mountains of Yunnan. Available from today, guests can explore a spectrum of aromatic mushrooms of the highest quality, specially selected by Chef Chan who adds her famous Sichuan twist to each new dish.

The abundant rainfall and mild climate in the Yunnan region during this season ensure the growth of some of the world’s most delicate mushrooms. Chef Chan has designed notable dishes centred on the prize ingredient, such as the Yunnan Mushrooms in Signature Spice-Infused Broth (HK$228). Paying homage to Yunnan’s finest bounty, the dish features top-tier lion’s mane, chanterelle and porcini mushrooms boasting a nutty flavour and meaty texture, mild and slightly sweet bamboo pith, alongside aromatic wood ear mushrooms, served in a spice-infused broth with fresh jade vegetables, garnished with floating chillies.
The delicate Plump Fried Cuttlefish Stuffed Morel Mushrooms (HK$228 / 6 pieces) are infused with Chilli Fagara’s spicy and tangy osmanthus sauce, promising unmatched zest in every bite, whilst delicate chanterelle, porcini and lion’s mane mushrooms define the Stir-Fried Yunnan Mushrooms (HK$138) delight, mixed with Chilli Fagara’s signature spices and dried chillies for a next-level indulgence. Promising a festival of flavours and texture alike, the Yunnan Mushrooms with Roasted Pine Nuts on Crispy Rice Squares (HK$138) is another seasonal highlight with its exquisite premium mushroom selection served with crunchy carrots, pine nuts and snow peas.

The innovative Yin Yang Mushroom Salad (HK$98) is presented with a twist, as black and white jade wood ear mushrooms and Chinese celery are seasoned with toasted white sesame and Chef Chan’s renowned Sichuan peppercorn oil, giving the dish an unparalleled tangy taste and crunchy texture. Another savoury, light treat is the Bamboo Pith & Chicken Slices (HK$98) delight. Slightly sweet in taste and mild in nature, the unique mushroom type is served in a hot and heart-warming chicken soup with tea tree mushrooms, offering a well-balanced and nourishing combination that satisfies all true mushroom connoisseurs.

Flavour-packed, fragrant and fulfilling, Chilli Fagara’s new limited-edition Yunnan Mushroom Menu will be available in-restaurant from today.

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