20 Mar 2024 By AK

Explore the Traditions of Levantine Fare at Mul Hayam

Established in 2007, Mul Hayam is a cornerstone of Hong Kong’s local Mediterranean dining scene. While Kosher food is at the heart of Mul Hayam, the restaurant is more than just a destination for Jewish individuals; it is a welcoming space for all to savour and share in the love and warmth of Levantine cuisine. Combining age-old traditions with a touch of cosmopolitan innovation, Mul Hayam offers a rare and unique dining experience in Hong Kong, celebrating the rich heritage of Levantine cuisine while embracing a diverse array of flavours from European and Asian culinary traditions.

The Rich Traditions of Levantine Cuisine

Signature Dishes that Speak Tradition

A Haven for Celebrations and Gatherings

Address: Unit 105, 1/F, Wing On Plaza 62 Mody Road TST East, Kowloon Hong Kong

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm

Friday and Saturday: closed

Tel: +852 2368 0061

Email: kzionhk@yahoo.com

Website: www.mul-hayam.com

Instagram: @mulhayam_hongkong