Explore the Unexpected Takeaway and Delivery Offers at Renaissance

Explore the sophisticated culinary delights from Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong with the newly introduced takeaway, delivery menus and unexpected offers! Unwind with a more flexible dining arrangement in the comfort of your home or office with classic Cantonese gastronomies and indigenous dim sums from the award-winning Cantonese restaurant Dynasty; or indulge in hearty salads, premium steaks from Stockyard Farm in Australia, luscious burgers as well as other intriguing delicacies from Mirage Bar & Restaurant, and enjoy 30% off takeaway orders or 10% off delivery orders via Deliveroo from now until 31 May 2020. You can also unfold the intriguing dining journey with our 30% off Beverage and Food Cash Vouchers at all outlets valid through 31 December 2020!

Embrace a series of time-honoured culinary treasures crafted by our Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing from the award-winning Cantonese restaurant Dynasty, to embark on an unconventional culinary journey at your own space. Immerse in the unusual flavour of our famed Barbecued Pork (Original: HK$ 288/standard; 30% off: HK$ 201.6/standard), which uses only the premium part of pork, the Pork Collar Butt (Meitou Meat). You will surely be impressed by its robust flavour, juicy and tender meat with crispy honey-glazed coating. Enlighten your palate with Deep-fried Lobster in Homemade Sauce Served with Deep-fried Bun (Original: HK$ 498/piece; 30% off: HK$ 348.6/piece) and be surprised by the exotic homemade sauce made with dried shrimp, lemongrass, curry leaves, coconut milk and numerous spices, which complements perfectly with the umami flavour of the lobster. Don’t miss to savour the essence of this intriguing dish by dipping the deep-fried bun into the sauce! Delight your taste buds with Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Crab Meat and Onions (Original: HK$ 220/piece; 30% off: HK$ 154/piece), one of the classic Cantonese dishes, crafted with a whole Mud Crab handpicked by our chefs. The fresh crab meat is detached from the shell by hand and mixed with onion, coriander, coconut juice and more, before baking it to perfection with the shell. Dive into this gastronomic delight with its appealing aroma, umami flavour as well as plump and delicate texture. More gastronomic delights await you to discover at Dynasty!

Unfold an unexpected dining experience at your own dining table brought to you by our Executive Sous Chef Owen Panzica from Mirage Bar & Restaurant. Whet your appetite with the succulent and flavourful Stockyard M4 Wagyu Flat Iron (Original: HK$ 268; 30% off: HK$ 187.6) that is going to feast your palate with crispy crust and a pleasantly tender texture, boasting a beefy and slightly nutty taste with a decent amount of marbling. Seafood lovers can opt for the indigenous Local Clams Sautéed in HK Young Master Beer (Original: HK$ 128; 30% off: HK$ 89.6) crafted with locally-sourced clams. The natural sweetness of the clams is enhanced by the lingering notes of floral and zesty of the Classic Pale Ale from the local brewery, Young Master. Don’t forget to explore green and healthy options including Roasted Cauliflower (Original: HK$ 88; 30% off: HK$ 61.6) and Impossible Vegetarian Burger(Original: HK$ 208; 30% off: HK$ 145.6) as well as other tantalising cuisines!

We now offer 30% off Beverage and Food Cash Vouchers, available in value of HK$ 100, HK$ 200, HK$ 500 and HK$ 1,000, for you to indulge in unusual dining enjoyment at Dynasty, Mirage Bar & Restaurant and Café Renaissance, valid from now through 31 December 2020 with no blackout dates! For order and enquiries, please contact (852) 2584 6973, email at rhi.hkghv.restaurants@renaissancehotels.com or visit our restaurants to purchase.

From now until 31 May 2020, order delivery on Deliveroo and enjoy 10% off discount; order takeaway on Openrice or explore our Takeaway Menu and enjoy 30% off discount, order at(852) 2584 6973, via WhatsApp at (852) 5202 7312, email at rhi.hkghv.restaurants@renaissancehotels.com or fax at (852) 3178 9323.

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