20 Apr 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE

Explore Water Sports in Kuramathi Maldives

MALDIVES: The sunny climate all year-round and the warm waters of the Maldives are a big draw for adventure aficionados seeking to escape the ordinary. Kuramathi Maldives fulfils all thirst for thrills as Aqua Sports & Fun introduces innovative activities to their expanding line-up of exhilarating pursuits.

For an adrenaline fix, the ultimate choice is Jet Surfing, a revolutionary way to surf that doesn’t require waves to spur movement. It operates on a high-powered motorised board with speed controls to help you ride rapidly or cruise skilfully amongst the frothy blues. For those who wish to dabble in this activity, the seasoned crew of Aqua Sports offers private lessons to help you gain mastery and manoeuvre like a pro in no time.

When you can’t get enough of the rush, Kiteboarding offers the satisfaction of indulging in the excitement of an extreme sport. Harnessed by the power of the wind, this activity utilises a kite and a board gliding and propelling you above the otherworldly seascape. Beginners can book lessons according to their skill level or as a refresher for those already familiar, all under the guidance of certified instructors who can issue an International VDWS license for trainees who wish to qualify.

Aqua Sports & Fun also offers snorkelling excursions and a host of non-motorised water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing, among many others. In your search for epic adventures, look no further than Kuramathi and delve into the enthralling world of water sports.

Kuramathi is one of the first resorts to open in the Maldives and is part of Universal Resorts of Universal Enterprises Private Ltd, a 100% Maldivian owned company, and the pioneers of tourism in the Maldives.

Situated in Rasdhoo Atoll archipelago, Kuramathi Maldives is 1.8 km in length and tapers to a pristine stretch of white sandbank, lending a dramatic quality to the idyllic surroundings of turquoise lagoons, tropical jungle and flora. Catering to all budgets, 12 distinct choices of villas are on offer, ranging from the individual Beach Villas to the idyllic Water Villas with Pool. Dining options are diverse with many restaurants, bars and great-value all-inclusive packages, topped off with Maldivian service – welcoming, genuine and friendly. There is something for everyone on this paradisiacal haven that embodies Maldives in a natural setting.

Kuramathi Maldives