Exquisite Mud Crab and Mid-Autumn Menus from Yat Tung Heen

Yat Tung Heen Celebrates the Season with Exquisite Mud Crab and Mid-Autumn Menus

One Michelin Star restaurant Yat Tung Heen is proud to present two new menus celebrating both crab season and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chef Tam’s Seasonal Mud Crab menu (HK$820 pp) is famous around town and beyond, and this year’s eight-course presentation will be no exception. Available from today until 31 October, guests will enjoy a combination of the seasoned chef’s most coveted dishes as an appetizer, with Signature Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork, Chilled Tomatoes Marinated with Preserved Plum Juice and Deepfried Puff Stuffed with Crab Meat, Mushroom and Onion all making an appearance.

A Pan-fried Fresh Crab Claw Stuffed with Minced Shrimp in Crab Roe Sauce is visually impactful and incredibly delicious, paving the way for sought-after Braised Winter Melon with Sliced Abalone stuffed with Crab Meat in Conpoy SauceBraised Bird’s Nest Soup with Fresh Crab Meat elevated a classic Cantonese dish with plum morsels of the prized crustacean, while Steamed Mud Crab with Chinese Yellow Wine and Chicken Oil is fragrant, flavorful and filling. Chef Tam also offers up an aromatic Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Minced Ginger, a perfect end to the decadent menu’s savory dishes.

Dessert features Yat Tung Heen’s renowned Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo and Trio Sesame Pudding — an incredible end to an exceptional crab feast.

For the ultimate dining experience, three of Yat Tung Heen’s finest wines are paired with the exquisite dishes, for an additional HK$280* per person (minimum two persons).

The Mid-Autumn Festival Menus, available from 25 September until 4 October cater to four and twelves persons (HK$3,280 for four persons, or HK$9,680 for 12 persons*) gives families the perfect excuse to gather over delicious dishes. Each menu features ninth decadent courses. Starting with dishes like Crispy Roasted Marinated Suckling Pig, the feast showcases Yat Tung Heen’s finest dishes, including Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Fresh Crab Meat, Braised Abalone (10 heads) with Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce, Sautéed Off-shell Lobster with Broccoli and more. After the savory courses, guests will enjoy sweet choices such as Double-boiled Pear Soup with Chuan Bei and Snow Fungus as well as Steamed Red Date Pudding with Steamed Sponge Cake – a house specialty.

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