Eye Candy Series by KAZE Origins

Ever since COVID-19 disrupted contemporary lives, KAZE Origins respirators have been with us through every phase of the journey. The iconic Character, Vibrant and Vogue series define KAZE’s modern colour palette. Neutral tones from the Elements series grounding us as the pandemic struck, followed by the bright Variety and uplifting Fondant series. As the sun-kissed days have arrived, KAZE presents the Eye Candy series, bringing a pop of summer vibes to our daily outfits.

The new Eye Candy series inherits the signatures that make a KAZE Origins respirator unique and trusted by loyal fans worldwide and trendsetters from different fields in the likes of Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Shay Mitchell, Addison Rae, Chris Paul, Donovan Mitchell, Yoyo Cao, Dr Woo and Edison Chen.

KAZE Origins translates the latest style codes from the runway and street style scene into 5 pop colours defining this new series. These daily essentials feature a 5-ply structure and contrast ear bands for a contemporary touch. They are made from A-class materials that maximise airflow while blocking out dust, germs and particles. Its durability and safety stand the thorough tests by international testing labs, including Nelson Labs, S.G.S. and Intertek.

Official website: www.kazeorigins.com

Facebook / Instagram: @kazeorigins