F.P.Journe Timepieces New Ladies “élégante” collection unveiled

Constantly on the quest for perfection, François-Paul Journe the master-watchmaker behind celebrated independent luxury watch brand F.P.Journe finally unveils his latest masterpiece – the “élégante” – his first exclusive collection for women.

Previously only the domain of sophisticated and luxurious men’s timepieces, F.P.Journe now introduces the “élégante” collection for women, which has arrived in Hong Kong this year.

The élégante features a unique electro-mechanical movement exclusive to F.P.Journe. When the watch is not worn, the motion detector senses inactivity and causes the watch to stop all movement after 30 minutes. During this stand-by mode, the élégante’s mechanical parts – the gears, rotors and hands – seize to move in order to save energy, however the watch’s microprocessor continues to measure time. So when the élégante is again worn, it automatically sets itself to the current time.

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