27 Dec 2023 By May Ng

FANCL Brand New Anti-Aging High-Purity NMN × CoQ10

High-Purity Liquid Dual-Action Anti-Aging
Brand New Anti-Aging High-Purity NMN × CoQ10
HK$1,800 (30-day supply)
Now available in the entire product line

FANCL adheres to strict quality requirements for peace of mind and safety, using high-tech research to develop the all-new “Anti-Aging High-Purity NMN × CoQ10.” Unlike typical NMN products on the market, FANCL’s “Anti-Aging High-Purity NMN × CoQ10” encapsulates high-purity NMN nutrition in plant-based liquid capsules, which can rapidly activate “anti-aging youth factors (Sirtuin).” Combined with “reduced coenzyme Q10,” it dual-actively stimulates youthful functions, comprehensively enhancing vitality and energy.

• Feature 1: Can activate “anti-aging youth factors (Sirtuin)”
• Feature 2: Plant-based liquid capsules for efficient absorption
• Feature 3: Dual-action antioxidant

When FANCL’s Research Institute develops new nutritional supplements, it undergoes a series of rigorous procedures, including raw material safety, toxicity testing, in vivo absorption studies, clinical efficacy, etc., ensuring product reliability, safety, and effectiveness.

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