10 Jun 2023 By May Ng

FANCL – New Daily Skincare – Collagen Enrich+ Line

New Daily Skincare – Collagen Enrich+ Series
Revitalize Your Skin with the Power of Collagen for a Plump and Firm Appearance – Level Up

Introducing the New Daily Skincare – Collagen Enrich+ Series
Collagen Enrich+ Essence – Hydrating/Nourishing HK$208 / 30mL
Collagen Enrich+ Emulsion – Hydrating/Nourishing HK$208 / 30mL
Now available in stores.

FANCL has always been committed to breakthroughs in collagen research, and we have successfully applied the latest scientific advancements to our daily skincare products. The new Daily Care – Collagen Enrich+ Series is born from this dedication.

By combining cutting-edge scientific techniques with innovative ingredients, we can rapidly revitalize high-quality collagen, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines. This leaves your skin plump, resilient, and firm – taking it to the next level!

FANCL - Enrich+ Line