6 Apr 2023 By May Ng

Fancl Perfect Brightening Kit

FANCL has launched a new limited edition all-in-one whitening and sunscreen set, containing six brightening products that repair UV damage, brighten and remove dark spots, providing comprehensive whitening protection for the skin and achieving new levels of brightness!

· It defends against summer UV aging damage, repairs dullness and discoloration after sun exposure, and provides all-round whitening protection. · It uses brand new scientific whitening ingredients to repair melanin deposits from the bottom up, revealing bright, white and tender skin. · Together with the new “Brightening and Spot-Reducing Essence”, “Brightening and Spot-Reducing Mask”, “Highly Effective Spot-Reducing Essence Stick”, and “Translucent and Clear Skin Soft Mask”, it reduces dark spots and brightens and repairs the skin. · It is “preservative-free,” and every drop is fresh and highly active for beautiful and brightening nutrition.

HK$750 per set (original price $1,438) HK$710 for 2 sets or more

全新限量版  全效美白防曬套裝
高效淡斑精華棒 – 1支 (4g)new
透亮淨肌軟膜 – 6個new
亮肌祛斑精華 – 1支 (18mL)
亮肌祛斑面膜 – 3片 (21mL)
高效防曬露 – 1支 (30mL)
核心回彈精華 – 6包

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