13 Oct 2023 By May Ng

Feudle Chef David Toutain to Host First Four-Hand Collaboration with Chef Rafa Costa E Silva of Las

Feuille x Lasai will take place on 31 October & 1 November for lunch and dinner service
Modern French restaurant Feuille, a collaborative concept by acclaimed chef David Toutain and restaurant group ZS Hospitality, will host its first-ever four-hands collaboration this fall. This two-day event will feature the exceptional talents of Chef Rafa Costa e Silva from one Michelin-starred restaurant Lasai, which also ranked 58th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 and 20thon Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 lists; and Chef David Toutain of Feuille and two Michelin-starred restaurant David Toutain in Paris.

Inspired by their shared experiences and culinary influences during their time at Mugaritz in Spain, Chef Rafa Costa e Silva and Chef David Toutain are committed to sustainability and promoting local produce. Their dedication to these principles will be showcased in this highly anticipated event, featuring an abundance of local seafood with a particular focus on the delicate flavors of local threadfin and bay lobster. These exquisite local ingredients will be interpreted through the chefs’ distinct cooking techniques, infused with flavors from their respective hometowns, resulting in a truly captivating culinary and cultural connection.

A highlight from the collaboration includes the “Cassava – Chicken – Bell Pepper”, a dish jointly created by Chef David and Chef Rafa using locally sourced three yellow chicken and vegetables. Hong Kong grown bell pepper is used to create a modern take on a classic French sauce called Albufera sauce, while Chef Rafa adds a personal touch with cassava, a cherished dried condiment from his Latin American roots, to finish off the dish. As for the accompanying side dish, Feuille and Lasai demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by utilizing various parts of the chicken, including the heart and liver, prepared with tantalizing Brazilian spices.

To be in Hong Kong and collaborating with Chef Rafa is an incredible opportunity to merge our culinary visions and push gastronomic boundaries,” said chef David. “Even though four-hand collaborations are very common in Hong Kong, we aim to bring something truly different through this dining experience by combining our unique styles and backgrounds. Our goal is to not only showcase our shared commitment to sustainability and local produce but also offer a fresh perspective on flavours, techniques, and cultural influences.”

Feuille x Lasai will take place on 31 October & 1 November and will be open to the public for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is priced at HK$1,688 per person whilst the dinner menu is priced at HK$2,588 per person (subject to 10% service charge). With limited seating available, early reservations are strongly recommended to secure a place at this event.

For more information and reservations, please visit the website www.feuille.hk or contact Feuille at info@feuille.hk.

Address: 5/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Email: info@feuille.hk

Website: www.feuille.hk 

Facebook: @feuillehk

Instagram: @feuillehk @david_toutain @jorisrousseau @zshospitality

Flaxseed – Mulberry - Stellaire
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